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It's time to MIND YOUR HEALING, and as a Mental Health and Healing Coach, Zybrea’s goal is to get you to invest in your mental, emotional and spiritual comeback! Here at the Coaches Couch Headquarters, she is on a mission to Build Kingdom Minds through Channeling Your Emotions, teachings of Overcoming Mental and Emotional Warfare, and guides to Outliving Traumas. As head coach, Zybrea is also committed to propelling you forward on your journey of mental healing with spiritual advising. She is a firm believer in the coexisting of mental health services and God. 


The purpose of The Coaches Couch is to be of service to those searching for ways to change and grow their mindset in order to live their best life. It is the space and service that bridges the gap between Culture, Christ, Spritituality and Mental Freedom wherever there is a lack in individuals, communities, industries and churches.

If you find yourself in this place, don't let your mind psych you out! Sign up today for one- on- one or group coaching with Zybrea! 

     Top Specialty Seminars & Workshop Offerings:

  • Outliving the Trauma 

  • #WeNeedToTalk

  • Changing the Channel

  • Healing from Emotional Wounds  

  • How to Overcome Feeling Not Good Enough